Wedding Portrait — Definition

The bridal portrait is known as the wedding portrait. It is a concept and tradition that is popular universally. This tradition is not recent rather it is steeped in history.
This portrait rates high in the family memorabilia and is often displayed on the mantle piece. This will be definitely so if the wedding portrait is made by none other than the best photographer in town namely Kashif Dossani.

Bridal portrait is a picture of the bride in her formal wedding dress. It is a composed image of the person posing for the camera. This picture is generally taken a few weeks or a few months before the wedding date. Again a photographer’s studio is the preferred place because of the lighting, backdrop and other facilities. Some couples also have a picture of both of them together in addition to the bride’s picture. DossaniPlus will give so many ideas to the clients in this specific are also.

Significance of the wedding portrait

The wedding portrait is a memento and a souvenir to be cherished for life. It brings back memories of the period when the bride was at her prime. Those youthful looks can never be replicated.

The wedding portrait is also used to be included in the wedding invitations that are sent out to guests.

Again In the case of a bride who is not particularly photogenic there is time to get the best angles before the wedding day when the pace is hectic and there is little time for the best posing. Thus the twin purpose of getting the best photo op is achieved.

Some tips about wedding portrait photography

DossaniPlus which is the all service studio of Pakistan is ideally placed to offer much needed advice. The most important factor is to give due attention to planning. Needless to say the bridal dress is of prime importance from the photographic point of view. The jewelry to be selected should be appealing and eye catching. Even the under garments and footwear should be given due thought.

There is no need to spend money on expensive flower arrangements as most photographers have silk flower prop bouquet that can be used. It is nevertheless necessary to invest money in a quality make-up artiste because that will yield rich dividends in terms of quality of the finished photographs. This includes the hair stylist as well. The best wedding photographer namely DossaniPlus will recreate your favorite look.

DossaniPlus– the professional Team

Kashif Dossani and his team are fully trained to capture the personality of the bride and the emotions of the moment when they go out on a wedding photographic assignment. This team possesses creative insights for shooting authentic and lovely bridal portraits. If required this team can also proffer advice on preparation, location and place to have the shoot.

Kashif Dossani’s backroom staff has mastery over retouching and image editing in the Light room. They reduce bags under eyes, whiten teeth, heal temporary blemishes and remove distracting element. The brightness and contrast come out perfectly.

DossaniPlus plan for all possible scenario and have back up available in terms of equipment or manpower. DossaniPlus is an institution that is professional to the core and this allows the client to have no worries or tension.


Kashif Dossani has built a team of professionals. He is passionate and accepts nothing less than perfection and a great job. He has dedicated himself to keep the title of the best wedding photographer which title he has claimed due to his determination and hard work.