Over time memories fade away. We do our bit in preserving these memories and keep them alive for posterity. We help in preserving the cherished moments of your life. A marriage is the start of a journey and this is saved from harm for all times to come. Our staff has been trained to be as discreet and unobtrusive as possible. While they are observant they do not intrude in any way. Their discerning eye ensures no noteworthy moment goes without being seized by their camera. That way all wonderful moments are put on celluloid.

The quest for improvements and perfection is an ongoing process. We hold regular in hose training programs that are attended compulsorily by all our photographers and technicians. We keep our staff abreast with latest developments in photographic equipment as well as with the photographic techniques. When we consider it necessary we do send our cameramen and technicians overseas for attending seminars and training moots.

The accolades and kudos we receive from our satisfied clients is a testimony to our successful endeavors.

Wedding photography

Our range of services covers the following:

  •     Wedding Consultancy
  •     Coverage of Pre-Wedding ceremonies and functions
  •     Still and Video Photography
  •     Portraiture and Candid photography

Corporate Photography

Our world is now dominated and controlled by the corporations. They have the financial clout and the managerial talent to call the shots. Their importance in all aspects of economy and business is growing and is likely to continue.

Our contribution to the world of corporate culture is to provide services in terms of advertising and promotions. We can offer valuable guidance to identify the events that world need photographic coverage to enhance your corporate image. Similarly we can complement your advertising projects through our photographic skills.

We have now branched into corporate photography as well. We regularly cover events such as shareholders’ meetings, annual company meetings, and promotions of all kinds. We are well equipped to provide coverage of the following:

  •     Corporate Headshots
  •     Business Portraits
  •     Business Website Photography
  •     PR Headshots
  •     Concerts etc.