What is DossaniPlus Studio?

  •     Video photography
  •     Pre wedding coverage
  •     Wedding consultancy ( optional at client’s request)
  •     Coverage of Pre-Wedding ceremonies and functions
  •     Still and Video Photography
  •     Portraiture and Candid photography

Origin of DossaniPlus Studio

The wide range of services that we provide had been in the planning for quite some time. The idea turned into reality after the young family scion Kashif Dossani first completed his education in photography from Vancouver and then laid the foundation of a successful photography business there.

The name DossaniPlus Studio has now grown in stature and Kashif Dossani is now regarded as the best wedding photographer in Karachi and also the best wedding photographer in Pakistan as well. His wedding portraits are the talk of town. He is much sought after and also much liked in the relevant quarters of Karachi’s elites.

Wedding services offered by DossaniPlus Studio

Wedding Photography Services

DossaniPlus Studio offers the best wedding photography services in Pakistan. He delivers value for money. His client base is one big family of satisfied. DossaniPlus Studio has built an excellent reputation through their top quality work. All their photographers have been fully trained what to shoot and when. The results are then processed by a team of back room technicians for editing to add an artistic touch. The final product reflects creativity, ingenuity, originality and inspiration. The wedding portraits are unmatched and rightly called top drawers products. DossaniPlus Studio is the full service photographic studio. DossaniPlus Studio are the undisputed specialists in family, children and wedding portraiture.

Concept photography by DossaniPlus Studio

DossaniPlus Studio is the trend setter in the wedding photographic business. They have introduced new concepts in the field of wedding photography. Conceptual photography illustrates and represents a general idea. These concepts or ideas range from selection of the stunning backdrop to capturing the beauty of flowers/food to the brides’ dress and the best angles to shoot the wedding couple. Dossani photography reflects ideas and gives a message to the viewers.

Factors important in Wedding Photography

Technology is important. Also important are such factors as making sound preparatory base. DossaniPlus Studio also take care of consider time, locations, activities, sets and wedding dresses. While it is the client who will decide on such things as locations, activities, sets and wedding dresses the input from DossaniPlus Studio will also be important.

By virtue of their enormous exposure to different wedding scenes they know what is in. They know about such things as the availability, comparative costs etc. This way they can save the client quite a package. This is what the wedding consultancy all about. You get the best at competitive prices. So it is a win win situation for the client and for the Dossani plus.


This concept refers to collecting, editing and presenting information through still and video photography. In other words images that narrate a story are known as photojournalism. DossaniPlus Studio has made adaptations to capture such images. DossaniPlus Studio give due recognition to the three elements of photojournalism. They realize that timeliness is importance to maintain freshness and interest in the pictures and the story. The other element emphasized by DossaniPlus Studio is objectivity and honesty in order to portray a fair and truthful impression. Lastly the narrative has to be understandable to the viewer and reader. Their photojournalistic results have been well received bin the photographic world of Pakistan.