Welcome to DossaniPlus Studio


DossaniPlus A brief introduction

  • DossaniPlus, Rightly known as the pioneers in the field of photography and now the undisputed leader in the industry
  • DossaniPlus, The most respected and trusted name in Karachi’s photographic world
  • DossaniPlus, The name that is synonymous with quality and excellence
  • DossaniPlus, The only ‘Go To’ professionals when people consider who to hire to money’
  • DossaniPlus, The photographers who are showered with rich accolades for their highest standards
  • DossaniPlus, The name that is now an institution
  • DossaniPlus, The torch bearers for the future of photography in Pakistan

For the DossaniPlus, photography is much more than a business. It is a way of life. They have dedicated themselves to promote the interest of this art form and this has brought them the much needed specialization. We do not like to brag about ourselves lest it be perceived as self praise. So we welcome you to get in touch with our clients and get to know about ourselves through them.

Our position as market leaders has not been achieved without grit, determination and hard work. And to maintain this position we will continue to work with as much zeal. We are nevertheless determined not to rest on our laurels.

You are welcome to see our portfolio. If the results excite you, it will make you his next client!

DossaniPlus, have now graduated from still photography to:

  • Video photography
  • Pre wedding coverage
  • Wedding consultancy (optional at client’s request)

Kids & Families

Happy faces of children decked out in their best dresses make such lovely pictures for the person with the camera. The family members of both the bride and groom are in the forefront of guests and have high priority for photographic coverage.


If a photographer was asked to convey his observations of an event like a journalist he will have to make use of his pictures in a way that these pictures would tell a story.


DossaniPlus Studio has the widest range of photographic services in Pakistan. One of the services offered by DossaniPlus Studio is providing coverage of pre-wedding functions and ceremonies.

Wedding Portrait

The bridal portrait is known as the wedding portrait. It is a concept and tradition that is popular universally. This tradition is not recent rather it is steeped in history.